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Meet The Makers

ShopTheMakers is a new store for invited artisans to sell their unique, handcrafted goods to local & global audiences.

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To be considered, all products must meet our quality standards & our definition of handmade, listed below in our FAQ. All applications will be reviewed by our team.

Benefits of Selling Your Handmade Products At The Makers

Get your products noticed

Everything you need all in one place. Upload your products & we will drive you visibility, traffic & sales.

Need help?

We’ve got you covered with phone and email support.

Spend time on what matters

Hassle-free tools and reports make it easy for you to manage your business.

Custom orders are easy

Make it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for with customizations that you define for each item, right on the product page.

Join our Referral program

Sign up another highly talented artisan and earn up to 2% back on  sales generated from your personal referral.

Fees are simple

17% selling fee includes marketing program's inclusion, discounted shipping, referral & affiliate marketing, catalog programs, SEO, SMO, SEM, pre-order & overselling management (sell today, ship when made), personalized email address, fraud protection and we’ve waived our monthly fee!

Merchant Dashboard & Simple Product Upload

               "So How Does The Makers Work?"


Register to Sell 

Invited artisans will receive an invitation email with a link to start the registration process.


Complete your Merchant setup

Create a products listing page, upload your photos,  compelling content and your desired selling prices.


Set up your products

Use our simple listing tool to add your products to the store front. Listings are free, no contracts & never expire!


Start selling

Reach millions of customers thrilled to support & purchase high quality, local handmade goods!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Program

What does Handmade mean?

All products available at ShopTheMakers must be made entirely by hand, hand-altered, or hand assembled (not from a kit). Products must be handmade by you (the artisan), by one of your employees (if your company has 50 or fewer employees), or a member of your collective with less than 150 people. Mass-produced products or products handmade by a different artisan are not eligible.

What categories are available at The Makers?

Right now, The Makers is open to artisans who make Jewelry, Home products (Art, Baby Bedding, Bath, Bedding, Furniture, Home Décor, Kitchen & Dining, Lighting, Patio, Lawn & Garden, Storage & Organization), Beauty & Personal Care, Pet Supply, Party Supplies, Stationery, Accessories, Baby, and Toys & Games. If your products don’t fit into those categories, don’t worry – we are working to open up more categories in the upcoming months.

What if I already sell online?

No problem! You can list your products with us as well, we are simply another highly profitable sales channel! Having as many sales channels selling your products will provide you the best possibility for continued growth and success. The Makers provides an opportunity for you to reach untapped markets and sales. We will be actively promoting and selling your products with no hosting fees or contracts. We do ask that your "listing price" with The Makers is in line with your other online sales channels.

Get Noticed

How will customers discover my handmade products?

With the millions of artisans it would be quite simple to fill our site with products of every shape, size, and color but that is not our goal. We want our customers to having amazing shopping experiences and to return to our site again and again, and tell all their friends about The Makers! As we add our hand picked artisans we will do an extensive marketing push promoting you, your products, and The Makers to local and global audiences. It is possible to have your products viewed, and purchased through the comfort of e-commerce channels. We are also completing catalogue programs that will be delivered to homes, resorts, tourist destinations, businesses etc. along with comprehensive marketing, and public relations campaigns.

How can I tell customers about my products and store?

After you register with The Makers, you will create your Profile and upload your products. From here we will provide you your very own store front URL to provide to friends, family and customers directing them directly to your amazing creations. 

How can I promote my products on The Makers?

That’s easy! As an artisan on The Makers, you’ll have access to all of our advertising opportunities, including access to front page placement programs, inclusion to our Meet The Markers Bio Pages, your very own unique URL, PPC Campaigns plus Referral & Affiliate Marketing.

Ready, Set, Ship

Do I need to have UPCs for my products?

UPCs are not required, but you can add your own SKU or bar code to each product to help you track your orders if you so choose.

Do I need to have professional photos of my products?

Although it is not required to have professional product photos, we recommend that your main product images are shot on a non-distracting background to clearly show the product.

How Does Shipping Work?

The Makers has negotiated some of the best shipping rates available in the marketplace space and we provide direct access to our Merchants to pass along those saving to their customers.

How quickly do I need to ship my products after they are ordered?

Customers want to receive your products as quickly as possible. You can set your own production time (up to 30 days) for each product you make. This lets customers know when to expect their order, so it’s important that it’s accurate.