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The Makers hand selects our partners ensuring maximum visibility while introducing exciting, quality products to millions of customers

Selling At The Makers

We have a strict policy where only the finest will be showcased at a maximum of 500 hundred artisans, and not be lost amongst the 35 million products on Etsy or the 750 million on Amazon. 

Our belief is there are many equally talented as a Hugo Boss but just not getting their opportunity due to limited channels.

The Makers provides an opportunity for you to reach untapped markets and sales. We will be actively promoting and selling your products with no hosting costs or contracts.

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Everything you need in one place, trusted by over 250 million customers worldwide.

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We’ve got you covered with phone and email support.

Spend time on what matters

Hassle-free tools and reports make it easy for you to manage your business.

Custom orders are easy

Make it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for with customizations that you define for each item, right on the product page.

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Sign up and earn up to 10% back on Amazon sales generated from your personal website. Learn more.

Fees are simple

Our 20% referral fee includes payment processing, marketing, discounted shipping, fraud protection and we’ve waived our monthly fee! Learn more.