We Identify, Develop & Promote Undiscovered Global Iconic Brands. Are You One Of Them?


Are you a super talented Maker, Manufacturer, Artisan, Craftsperson, Shaper, Woodworker, Blacksmith, Leather Smith, Painter..? Are you, or do you know of a small or emerging brand? Could you be big brand with a little support?

Our team of marketers, brand journalists, SEO copy write generalists, viral content specialists, and agency professionals has been put together for the singular purpose of identifying the next undiscovered global iconic brand. We are on the look-out for Uber talented Makers and helping them scale to become big brand.

Giving your Brand a Colossal Boost

How would you like to have your brand within reach of millions, even hundreds of millions? Amazon may have reformed the online product marketplace, and Etsy may be closely following them, but getting awareness & visibility for your brand as a new seller remains incredibly difficult. With millions of products in these marketplaces, becoming noticed as a new, small or emerging brand remains increasingly difficult.

Get the visibility, awareness and traffic for your brand with The Makers. Inspired by the artistry of super talented, local artisans, we provide a platform that aims to drive your exposure and sales. At The Makers, we make your brand our top priority, and focus all of our marketing efforts building your brand equity and developing strategies to promote your products.


 By joining The Makers’ platform, you will be partnering with a team that is intensely focused on your success because we only get paid for your success. Your products will be broadcast on our highly visual platform, featuring ultra-talented Makers like yourself and our relentlessly dedicated team of brand ambassadors, brand strategists, influencers, and digital marketers will work tirelessly to ensure that your brand receives the visibility it deserves.

Are you an amazing Maker? If you are then set up your vendor profile on The Makers platform, the one platform strictly dedicated to your success and enjoy the benefits of a Makers team working to create visibility, awareness, sales and scalability for your brand. And remember we only get paid for your success.