Styling Your Winter Essentials To Create A Chic Fashionable Look

Winter is a time for bundling up and adding on the layers but that doesn't mean you still can't look stylish and feminine! Let's break down some quick and simple tricks for you to apply this season. #1)The Chunkier and Oversized the better! That doesn't mean more pasta and Netflix. Choose Sweaters, Toques, and Scarfs that have a quality chunky knit, that are oversized but paired with Slim Jeans and T's. Finish the look with stacking rings and layered bracelets to create stylish comfort! #2) Chunky Scarfs with Cropped Leather.  Fashion a sleek look with the ever-popular Cropped Leather Jacket, with a Hand-Knit Wool Cowl, Ankle Boots or High Heels. #3) Grey All The Way! Grey is a Classic Winter look and pairs well with most colors. Try all Black with a pop of Grey or a Soft Pink mixed with White and Grey. Choose pieces that exude quality and will be staples for numerous winters. #4) Spring Flats Revived. Whether it's your favorite pair of converse or ballet flats winter is no time for hibernation. Go big on the toque, a Pom is a must this season, accompanied by ripped jeans and an added bonus shades, if the sun is shining. Don't forget the chai and were happy now!!! If you have a wool peacoat trying wearing it draped over your shoulders with an oversized long sleeved T or Sweater. #5) Mixing Wools with Satin or Silk. Toques become the statement piece when paired with neutral tanks from your wardrobe. Choose a Satin or Silk V Neck Tank to bring femininity to your look. No need for necklaces or big earrings but do add some gorgeous rings for the perfect touch. #6) Dare to go Dark! Winter is the perfect time to go big with your lipstick. Whether you're wearing a toque, scarf or both make sure they are neutral in color and accent your lips with a deep burgundy, yellow gold or vampy blood red. Just be sure it's matte otherwise it may look like you've gotten into your momma's makeup! #7) All Black Babe... All black does not mean your brooding and people should be worried about you. A Black Slouchy Toque and Oversized Scarf pairs perfectly with a classic long wool jacket or any other black top for that matter. Throw on a pair of skinny black jeans or leather pants and complete your look with your fav black shoes. If you are in need of a little joy add a statement shoe and go rock the day! #8) Messy Hair Still Don't Care. When a toque is not required and a scarf will do the trick don't start stressing about your hair. Spray in some dry shampoo, give your hair a little volume and throw it up into a messy bun or pony. Pull some pieces away from the scalp or out of the elastic to finish the look and your street style is complete. Shop "The Makers" Scarves & Hats Collections to the look!

Oversized Chunky Knit Long Sweater, With Knotted Dark Grey ScarfCowl Neck Knit Scarf with Cropped Black Leather JacketBlack Outfit with Grey Wool Vest JacketPink Toque paired with Grey Knit Sweater and White JeansHandmade Knit Toque with Pom Pom, long Knit Scarf, White ConverseGrey wrapped Scarf with Navy Wool Jacket DrapedGrey Beanie Toque with Dark Matte Burgundy LipstickMonochromatic Black Winter Look, Slouchie Black Toque, Black Wrapped Scarf, Black Wool JacketMessy Hair Don't Care, Black Linen Scarf, Casual Street Style, Black Leather Jacket