The Makers Supports Home Grown Talent

In life, we can become very complacent tending to our daily tasks and responsibilities. We often move through our days without a conscious awareness of our surroundings and all we have to be thankful for.

Returning to Vancouver Island after twenty years living in Vancouver and Los Angeles I was quickly reacquainted with the island life. Island life is certainly a little slower. It doesn’t mean we enjoy driving forty all the time or take daily naps but there is a light energy and a mindfulness in the Islanders ways. Many Islanders have lived here their entire life and still speak as though they have won the lottery in calling the island their home. Others who have relocated from elsewhere are welcomed as if they too are homegrown. There is a universal feeling of pride towards the island, its caring communities, and breathtaking surroundings.

But there is something else that has been brewing on this island and it has moved far beyond one's passion for creating to one's livelihood. From the peak of the North to the edge of the South there is talent. From Jewellers to Leather-smiths, Craftsmen to Cheesemakers. These Artisans and Creators each in their own unique and masterful way are bringing their products to life.

As the rest of the world begins to wake up to the crucial care we need to provide our planet and oneself this has been long reflected in Local Makers work and by those islanders and visitors who support them. This passion for Vancouver Island, its people, and the talented creators that call our island home is why we created

Because creation, after all, is life and to live is to step into your fullness, find joy through gratitude and above all lift each other up. We at The Makers also call this the island way!