How To Make A Secondary Income With Your Hands & Turn It Into Your Primary Income


Are you good at making leather goods, bracelets, shoes, jewellry, decorative objects, bags, furniture, why not clothes but also illustrations, photos, cakes ... or other objects from your imagination?


Do you wish you could turn your artistic talents and handmade items into a secondary income, and if done correctly could be a highly successful business? 

Thanks to the internet, there’s never been a better age to be an artist and avoid becoming the stereotype of the starving artist.


Who can sell their creations?

Anyone can sell their creations, whether it is an individual, auto-entrepreneur or a brand.


You just have to create original creations, made by your little hands from A to Z or transformed with your personal touch. Counterfeiting is strictly forbidden of course. Articles must be unique and of fine quantity.


Which creations to sell? DIY, vintage, handmade ...


You can find everything on the Internet, and if there is an offer, there is demand. And if there is demand, you can make your offers!



Where to sell your creations online?


There are several ways to sell your creations on the Internet:


  1. On Retail Sites or Shopping Sites


These are sites like eBay, Craigslist, etc. where you do not necessarily find creations. These sites can be sold for second hand objects and in general these sites are not very qualitative visually.


They are more reserved for people who want to buy cheaper products so it may not be necessarily your target. But it can be great if you’re just starting out and trying to get feedback on your handmade items.


3-. In Marketplace Sites Dedicated To Handmade Creations


That's what will interest you the most here. These are sites dedicated to handmade creations and they are generally very design-oriented, they focus on quality and highlight the products and shops sellers.


In addition, these websites offer marketing tools help the seller to promote his products.


When it comes to selling your handmade creations online, there are a lot of options. Two of the main players in the industry are Folksy and Etsy.


Folksy is unknown as the British equivalent of Etsy, it’s much smaller than Etsy, however there are a few advantages to selling there; such as lower commission on sales and less competitive environment.


The downside of Folksy is that they accept only crafters from the UK and you can post up to 15 products in the basic subscription, you need to upgrade in order to list more products. Other marketplaces you should consider are iCraftGifts, Bonanza and ArtFire. As a seller, you should definitely try to diversify your channels and sell your crafts in several marketplaces.


However, for many crafters and makers, Etsy is probably the first option to come to mind. It’s an established platform with a massive audience. Their community is known for being friendly and you have the potential of making good money off your art.


It’s easy to set up a store and they have a huge customer base of 35.8 active buyers, which one of its main advantages. You can also learn how to grow your store from other sellers who share their stories and tips online.


The main problem with Etsy is that has become oversaturated in the last few years, with 1.9 million active sellers and over 50 million products in 2017.


Many Etsy sellers note that it’s become more about the marketing and promotion than the craft itself and by that Etsy has done a great amount of damage to the handmade community since many offerings there are made by mass manufacturers and many sellers manufacture their products once they find a home run.


You also need capital to pay for advertising since your shop will be drowned out by more established shops and it’s almost impossible to break into hyper-competitive niches such as jewellery unless you have deep pockets, which is not the case for many crafters.


So if you’re a person who strongly values well designed and handcrafted work and you strongly believe makers of these goods should be compensated for their skills without having to deal with gimmicks and paid advertising, Etsy may not be for you.


If you’re looking for a marketplace that values craft and art, you may consider joining our platform Shop The Makers. Shop The Makers is a platform where you can buy and sell handmade or designed work from independent designers and makers based in the United States and Canada. In addition, Shop The Makers has Brand Ambassadors, Agents and Super Agents who's main objective is to drive your brands visibility and they offer lots of additional free marketing tools to help sellers promote their brand.

Unlike Etsy, which is a mass site that has no criteria for joining and your listings are lost against millions of sellers, we hand-pick sellers with the best talent to make sure that the competition is based on skill and craft, not how deep your pocket is.


We seek to empower artists and crafters to build their own brands and get the compensation that they deserve from their art. We believe that no matter how cutthroat the competition is, the cream should always rise to the top.



Our mission is to support small yet super talented crafters and artisans and provide them with a platform where they can showcase their art to a massive audience without feeling like they’re being trapped in a big-fish-eat-little-fish game.


Unlike other platforms where you have to do all the heavy lifting and promotion, our model is seller-centric. We have a team of expert digital marketing practitioners, brand ambassadors, influencers who will work tirelessly to ensure your brand receives the visibility and attention it deserves while you focus on perfecting your work.


We are invested in every artist success because if you don’t succeed, we don’t. If you don’t make money, we don’t.


So if you’re interested in joining our platform with a team who will believe in you and assist you in the journey, hop to our Apply Now page.


3- On Your Own Website:


If you are serious about your craft and want to turn it from a side hustle into a business, you could definitely be starting your own store.


Platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce have made it easier than ever to set up your own store and sell your handmade items. You can build your own customer base and followers and have complete control over your listings as well taking 100% of each sale.


However, you need to learn marketing and social media advertising in order to gain traction and create buzz around your products. It can be a steep learning curve especially if you are an art-minded person who doesn’t like the marketing side of things.


The best course of action is to sell on other channels such as Folksy, Etsy or Shop The Makers where they are focused on building your brand awareness with the support of The Makers team. Our goal is to create and support local talent and spread awareness about unique handmade products.

Since our malls and stores are filled with generic and low-quality Chinese products; now is the best time to put forward your talents and add value to the world through your art. Happy Making!