A Communist Approach To Challenge the e-Commerce Capitalism One Winner Machine


I know Communism is bit of a nasty word but could a Communistic Approach flip the e-commerce shopping model completely on its head?

A model where everyone contributes to the success of a merchant. Where Everyone does their Fair Share & Everyone Earns A Profit, even my mom.

How often have you discovered an amazing product and just a few short years later discovered the company went out of business? How could they.. it was brilliant, well made and competitively priced. 

In todays insanely competitive retail landscape the most likely reason was because they lacked support.. & with lacked support I mean they lacked brand awareness, visibility, traffic, advocacy and ultimately sales. They were simply manufacturers of amazing products that only a few ever knew existed. They needed support broadcasting to the world they had products that would make their lives better.

Through a simple act of kindness and desire to help out a “farmers market vendor" eventually evolved into a platform strictly designed to help merchants succeed, and bring happiness and wealth to lots of others along the way. 

We have just launched a platform called Shop The Makers starting with merchants throughout the US and Canada. 

Everyone in this model from our Brand Ambassadors to our Brand Journalists to each of our Makers share in the success of our brands. 

Our Brand Ambassadors, my mom for example, recruits merchants like my Uncle Jerry as another example, that she feels confident will sell exceptionally well on Shop The Makers. Then our Agents and Super Agents go to task bring viability to all The Makers in her portfolio and for every sale within her Makers portfolio she earns a commission in perpetuity. 

Once our Makers are on-boarded we engage in extensive marketing campaigns building out long-term brand equity because we only make money by driving revenue for our Merchants.

Directed by our Brand Strategists our Brand Ambassadors will start the word of mouth, social media outreach and grass roots marketing. 

Our Agents and Super Agents are skilled Brand Journalists, and SEO Copy-write generalists and their task will be daily content writing. 

We include influencer and affiliate marketing. We develop catalogs that will be delivered to home, hotels, bed and breakfast, and resorts all featuring Makers from that region.

An army of writers, social media professionals, influencer marketers all continuously driving awareness & visibility for each of our Makers.

We’re incentivized to develop long term marketing strategies. A complete focus on developing our brands and promote to local, national and global audiences. 

With our proprietary geolocation software our Merchants are never tossed into a pool of hundreds of millions products. Our merchants are based on region with a 500 maximum so the probability of being discovered are millions of times greater! That number is insane but truly millions of times greater. Amazon alone hosts close to 1 billion products, is a wildly successful company and still treats vendors and employees poorly. 

Our marketing efforts are aimed at the brands we represent. Our team of Recruiters, Ambassadors, Strategists, Influencers, Agents and Super Agents generate Awareness, Visibility, Traffic and Sales to our brands and not the other way around.



On a side note: Our Brand Ambassador Program is open to everyone and I used my mom strictly as an example. My mom loves being a Makers Brand Ambassador which has turned into a brilliant way to stay active in the community, meet new people and to easily fill up her bank account to buy awesome gifts for herself and others she loves. Helping others is still alive and thriving!