15 Meaningful Gift Giving Ideas. Wonderful Handmade Ideas For Her, For Him, For Kids, & Parents

It has been clearly shown through many studies that giving gifts makes us happy. The work of researchers in economics of happiness explain that expenses for others are part of the rare expenses which durably increase the happiness of individuals. On the other hand, spending for oneself only affects happiness in a very ephemeral way.

Giving gifts is a way of deepening connection between friends, lovers, family members, clients, or even strangers. When explorers of the last century went to meet unknown tribes, they always brought trinkets to offer to the chief to show their good intentions.

Today, gift giving is an integral and inseparable part of our culture. We give gifts during Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays or even to congratulate someone or as a random act of kindness.

Not all gifts have to be expensive or materialistic in nature. Many prefer thoughtful and sweet gestures to elaborate and expensive gifts. Many of us have more than enough, yet we don’t have enough time: Time to rest, relax, for adventure or to be together.

The best course of action is to combine a meaningful, gracious gift with a beautiful experience. Before we talk about some gift ideas, here are some suggestions and ideas to create a memorable experience and atmosphere when you give the gift.

Does your beloved want once to not have to cook?

Invite them for a dinner and make a donation on their behalf for a child suffering from malnutrition. In this beautiful way, you can thank them for their delicious meals that they prepared for you and celebrate all the moments you shared food together.

Does your beloved one dream of adventures?

Maybe the person you want to surprise is more of the "outdoor adventurer" type? So put on your hiking boots, prepare a picnic and let them choose the path.

Another suggestion is buying them plane tickets to their dream vocation or a ticket in the VIP section for their favourite artist’s concert.

If you’re thinking about giving a gift a child then maybe surprise them and take them to their favourite movie or Disneyland and that will be the ultimate gift.

Your special person wants a pool and spa day?

Everyone sometimes needs to be a little spoiled. Invite your friend or significant other to the thermal baths or Turkish baths.

So now you planned out the atmosphere and chose a setting, what about the gift?

Finding the perfect gift can be a time-consuming activity with so many options available. Your gift should demonstrate thoughtfulness and care and show that you put a considerable amount of energy and effort into it.

The scavenger hunt for the perfect meaningful gift ends here. We put together a list of meaningful beautiful gifts from our catalog to surprise your loved ones.

Meaningful Unique Gifts


1.Elephant Necklace Set


Want an adorable necklace for your a special lady in your life? You definitely should consider getting this darling for her.


This elephant necklace set comes in two variants: gold and silver. It’s a lovely gift for your best friend or mom.

You can buy it here.



 2. Tic Tac Style Board Game

Playing board games can improve your kid’s cognitive skills and lower stress. So getting your kid a board game can be the best gift to help them grow their mental capabilities.

This unique board game in Tic Tac style will delight your child and thrill them. You can also order a personalized version with the name of the child at the back.

 3. Origami Earrings

When we give gifts, we usually like to give memorable unique presents that will make the recipient feel special.


This pair of Origami earrings can serve as a perfect gift if your wife or friend is into Japanese culture, or if you simply want to give her a gift she’s never got before.

 4. Mechanics Style Cufflinks


You have a man in your life who loves engineering or machines? These mechanical cufflinks will definitely intrigue him!

 5. Nasty Woman Necklace

 “Nasty Woman” expression has caused a splash worldwide and become a popular catchphrase to express defiance and resistance against the Trump administration. If your friend or significant other is a proud democrat this handmade Nasty Woman necklace can be a lovely gift while also supporting local talented crafters.


 6. Let It Go Bracelet

 Everyday, there comes a time when we must let go in a way. Let go of the past, of anger, or resentment. Letting go is integral to living a happy life.

If you have a friend in your life who’s finding it hard to let go of the past or something that’s not serving them, this handmade Let It Go bracelet can be a thoughtful and meaningful gift to remind them why they should let it go and move on. 

 7. Scented Candle

Scented candles have a romantic feel to them. Their burning light is considered a beautiful metaphor for sacrifice and love, and their fragrance creates a sensual and cozy atmosphere, so it makes sense that some people are in love with them.

This handmade scented candle can be a lovely gift if your friend values romance, handmade creations and environmentalism. It’s 100% eco friendly and made of soy wax and natural lavender fragrance.


 8. Moon Dancers Painting

Art is like mirror that reflects our civilization, our experiences, and the messages and heritage we want to pass on to others. It is also a vehicle to spark conversations about important topics and help us expand our thinking abilities and connection.

If you have a art-minded person in your life, artistic pieces should be your first option. We handpicked a beautiful painting from our gallery called Moon Dancers

 9. Teepee Tents

Your kid loves camping and adventures? Why not bring the adventure right to their bedroom? Your child will definitely be delighted with this Shibori style Sasha teepee!


  1. Mechanic Style Earrings

It’s no secret that women love jewellery. However, if you want to make a lasting impression, you’ve got to pick an unconventional style rather than the generic cheap jewelry that can be found everywhere.

Surprise the women in your life with these mechanic-themed earrings that are made of recycled watch mechanisms.

 11.  Handmade Ostrich Necklace

If you have an animal lover or wildlife enthusiast in your life, this handmade Ostrich necklace will definitely please them!

 12. Floral Scented Lip Butter And Soap Gift Set

This unique organic lip butter and soap set is a wonderful gift for a special woman in you life. It’s made of 100% toxin-free ingredients and delicately handmade with natural scents and fragrances such as lavender and lemon.

 13. Yoga Themed Hand Painted Wall Decor

 If your friend or spouse is a yoga enthusiast, this wall sign would make a thoughtful considerate gift for them. Perfect for a meditation room, yoga studio or anywhere to remind of the endless possibilities and options out there!

14. Camouflage Printed Backpack

We all know that men love a practical gift! And what’s more practical than a backpack? The camouflage prints and overall design gives this backpack a masculine vibe and edge. Perfect for day-to-day outings as well as camping!

  1. Marshmallow Crossbow

For our last suggestion, we picked something fun and unique! If you have a friend who loves hosting parties and gatherings then this marshmallow crossbow will thrill them! It’s easy to use and can shoot up to 60 feet in distance!

We hope you find some gift ideas for your loved ones in our catalog! Browse our store and you will find even more gems!